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Alex Ramey
April 10, 2023

Autumn + Dustin Wedding Highlight Film

Once upon a time in the beautiful hills of the Lake Oswego Vineyards, Autumn and Dustin were preparing for a ceremony to promise their love and unity in front of their closest friends, family, and the Lord. They would love one another and spend eternity together on this fall day, October 9th, 2021.

In the bridal suite, Autumn was an image of beauty. Her golden hair shimmered from the light radiating through the windows, her white dress fitted just for her with a matching veil finished with her rustic hay and flower bouquet. She looked as if she stepped out of a field of dreams. The bridal party was dressed in shades of rose gold with rustic hay bouquets to complement.

Dustin was a dashing gentleman with extraordinarily deep blue eyes, focused on the future he would be spending with Autumn. Dustin was donning a suave grey suit while his groomsmen sported matching suspenders and bow ties. He declared a promise to Autumn, to never take her for granted, to give her the life she deserved, and to love her forever for eternity. He expressed his eagerness to spend the rest of his life with his best friend and build a loving home and family with her.

Friends and family gathered at the ceremony as they waited excitedly with Dustin for the bride to walk down the aisle. As the sound of piano keys filled the air, Autumn glided down the aisle, her arm linked with her nervous father who grasped his daughter’s hand. He looked upon his beautiful daughter, afraid to let her go, as a father is at this moment, but also jovial that Dustin would be another man in Autumn’s life who would love her, protect her, and cherish her as much as he did.

With promises to love each other in riches or rags, in sickness and in health, the two surrender to each other in front of the Lord. Autumn and Dustin sealed their love with their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Heathman. Loved ones cheered on as the two walked back down the aisle and off to share a moment of appreciation and love for each other. The couple, escaping off to the vineyards together, rejoiced and shared a kiss in this heavenly moment as the sun set behind them. 

The delighted couple returned in a grand entrance to the reception with an incredible sparkling firework fountain display. Toasts and speeches were presented to Dustin and Autumn regarding the perfect compatibility to one another and eagerness to watch their future family grow together. 

Piano keys once again filled the space as Dustin and Autumn took to the floor for their first dance together. Hand in hand they swayed and spun, smiling and refusing to take their eyes off each other. As the music receded, they shared another kiss as sparks flew behind them once more in this magical moment. Another heartfelt moment followed suit, as Dustin shared a dance with his mother, and Autumn with her father, before guests and friends joined the dance floor for a night of fun and memories. 

As the night came to an end, Dustin and Autumn took off together hand in hand in a light and fireworks send off, ready to start their new life together as one.

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