Owner Operator Alex Remey
Alex Ramey
December 21, 2023

Cherie + Alex Wedding Highlight Film

This wedding highlight film showcases the enchanting love story of Cherie & Alex, captured in the stunning landscapes of Black Butte Ranch, showcasing natural beauty and heartfelt moments.The film beautifully depicts Cherie and Alex's love and happiness as they spend it in the breathtaking scenery of Black Butte Ranch, highlighting their strong bond and turning their special day into a masterpiece.The film captures the serenity and beauty of Black Butte Ranch, featuring lush greenery, majestic mountains, and rustic charm, setting the stage for a warm and sincerity-filled love story.The film tells the story of Cherie and Alex, showcasing their deep bond through tender moments and shared glances. Cherie's radiant joy and Alex's boundless love are portrayed, while the breathtaking backdrop captures their laughter and anticipation for a lifetime together.The touching vow exchange between Cherie and Alex in front of family and friends forms the central theme of the movie. The poignant chapter of the film is encapsulated by this moment that reverberates through meadows and mountains, showcasing their commitment and the promise of forever. The celebration at Black Butte Ranch is a symphony of love and joy, filled with rustic elegance and infectious happiness, showcasing Cherie & Alex's new chapter together.This film isn't just a documentation of a wedding; it's a visual ode to the beauty of love, nature, and shared moments. It's a celebration of Cherie & Alex's journey—a blend of elegance, romance, and the pure joy of togetherness.Join us in reliving the magic of Cherie & Alex's day—a celebration where every frame tells a story of love, resilience, and the timeless beauty of a union celebrated amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Black Butte Ranch.

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