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Alex Ramey
April 10, 2023

Elliot + Jillian Wedding Highlight Film

On a beautiful fall afternoon in Lake Oswego, Jillian and Elliot were preparing to start a new chapter of their love story together. The event was set in a beautiful home, foreshadowing a future they would be building together. It would be the 21st of August 2021, that the two would become one..

Jillian was being pampered and painted into a beautiful bride, a work of art on the canvas on this beautiful day. Much detail was being put into her makeup and hair as this would be a day she would never forget. Jillian and her bridesmaid celebrated together with a bottle of champagne and a toast to the start of a new day. 

In the groom’s suite, the men were treated to a gift of scotch whiskey and personalized hunting knives engraved with this special date. Elliot readily dressed in a black suit with silver cufflinks, dressing to impress his bride and remember this moment the two of them would share together. Elliot made his way to the balcony, waiting to see his bride in all of her beauty for the first time in her wedding dress. 

Jillian gracefully joined him on the balcony, standing back to back with him, both smiling wide and excited to see each other's reaction. As the two spun to look at each other, both were overcome with so much joy and love, all they could do was smile and look at each other. Words could not describe the overwhelming happiness, and instead held one another and shared a kiss. 

Meanwhile the guests were finding their seats surrounded by a stunning garden leading up to a beautifully decorated altar. In the serine calm you could hear the trickling of a koi pond and the soft rustling of trees and plants. The reception area was set up with intimate round tables each with a gorgeous floral vase all under a net of bistro lights. As lovely harp music filled the air, the wedding party made their way down the aisle. As the last couple made their way to the altar, the crowd rose as Jillian made her entrance, escorted by her father. The amount of love for Jillian and Elliot was insurmountable, as many were fighting to hold back tears of joy. 

In front of loved ones, Elliot promised Jillian to love her for who she is now and who she will become. He promised to encourage her to follow her dreams and do all in his power to make them a reality. Jillian promised Elliot to put their partnership first, and to also love, support, and encourage him in all his goals. She was ready to travel and discover a new world together with him and grow together as one.

As everyone settled into the reception area, Jillian and Elliot were greeted with applause and cheer as they made their grand entrance and husband and wife. Family gave speeches to the new couple, feeling tremendous pride for Elliot for his determination, servitude, and peaceful demeanor. Both sides of the family welcomed them with loving hearts as they celebrated the joining of two families. 

The evening persisted with heartfelt first dances, father-daughter and mother-son dances, and many many memorable photos at the photobooth stand, saved in a book for Jillian and Elliot to remember on this special day. The crowd was having a blast dancing together in celebration as night fell upon the dance floor. Multi colored lights and bass filled the area as the party went on with smiles and laugher.

As the night drew to a close, Jillian and Elliot were sent off in an outstanding fireworks display, making this a day to remember for everyone. The two shared a kiss and headed out to start their new chapter of their love story as husband and wife.

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