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Alex Ramey
April 10, 2023

Lauren + Grant Wedding Highlight Film

The beautiful story of Lauren and Grant’s wedding day starts in a serene little place in Chehalem Valley called the Water Oasis, settled right on the edge of Newberg, Oregon. The tranquil venue encompassed a variety of ponds and fountains, rose gardens, stunning green lawns, rustic meadows, and natural landscapes; it was an enchanting combination of nature and elegance. 

On August 26th in 2022, the blue sky was free from clouds on an incredibly warm summer day in the valley. Lauren was being zipped into her breathtaking wedding dress, the lace sparkling in the sun that peaked through the bridal suite windows curtains. Her freshly curled hair bounced as she made her way to the window and opened the curtains, gazing out at the beautiful window, ready to make an eternal promise to her lover.

Not too far away, also thinking about his soul mate, was Grant buttoning up the collar of his undershirt. He finished adjusting his light pink tie before sliding on his striking blue suit and set out to meet his fiancé.

The two met together in a quiet area covered by shady trees. Back to back they expressed their love and gratitude for each other's and delight in the love they shared as close confidants, reveling in their love and deep connection. Lauren complimented on how Grant was a gift from God and how she was grateful he chose her as his partner for life. As they turned to reveal themselves, Grant dashingly handsome and Lauren glowing with elegance and grace, both were amazed and felt such happiness and love towards each other. They shared this moment together before parting ways one last time until the ceremony. 

Lauren met with her mother and father, both already in high emotions to see their wonderful daughter as a heavenly bride. They embraced her lovingly before leaving with her father to prepare for the event. 

As the sound of Piano music filled the air, Grant escorted his lovely mother down the aisle, the wedding party following suit. As the keys changed to a soft melody, the crowd stood as Lauren entered the aisle, her father right by her side. As they made their way to the alter, Lauren’s father embraced her one last time before releasing her to Grant.

Grant and Lauren exchanged vows to sacrifice, protect, and service each other’s love. They promised to be vulnerable and open, to be a team and lean on one another through wonderful times and hardships. The two sealed these promises to each other with a kiss, as the minister eagerly pronounced them as Mr. and Mrs. Luebker. As the crowd clapped and cheered, Grant and Lauren skipped hand in hand down the aisle elated with joy. 

The newlyweds rushed off to share a moment together as the sun set over the valley. Away from the commotion they embraced lovingly and beaming as they enjoyed this thrilling day they had been looking forward to for so long. 

With formalities completed, the bride and groom were ready to start the festivities. The wedding party made a lively entrance with signature struts and dance moves. Lauren and Grant entered just as they left the aisle, skipping hand in hand, ready for a life of fun with each other. The duo shared their first dance together to the harmonious voice of Etta James’ “At Last”. With the help of a fog machine, it was a magical moment of waltzing on a cloud, followed by a spectacular fireworks show lighting up the venue. The reception was a most enjoyable event, guests were dancing, some were out on the lawn enjoying a game of cornhole or tossing a football around. 

Night went on as everyone danced and smiled, having a wonderful time on an absolutely joyous occasion. The bouquet was tossed, the music and lights elevated the dance floor, until the night came to a close as the guest excitedly sent off the new Mr. and Mrs. Luebker in a sea of wedding wand ribbons and fireworks.

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