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Alex Ramey
April 10, 2023

Logan + John Wedding Highlight Film

In the beautiful and blissful mountains of Stevenson, WA, the morning brought a clear sky day where two people would exchange vows with each other to live a life together in endless love, laughter, and friendship. This was the day Logan and John Herrero would be united in matrimony on the 3rd day of July 2021.

In the bridal suite, Logan gazed lovingly at the handwritten vows she prepared to share with John, speaking greatly on how he has inspired her, supported her, guided her, and cherished her. She was excited to stand with him in front of friends and family and promise her undying love to the only man she wanted in this crazy beautiful world. Her elegant wedding gown flowed from her as she stared out the windows of the room, looking forward to her new future with John. Logan, with her caring bridesmaids and friends, celebrated the morning with a champagne toast, smiles adorning the faces of an already exciting day.

In another area of the event space, John was steadily preparing himself. He adjusted his light blue tie pairing well with his blue suit and white boutonniere that would match his bride’s. He wanted to look his absolute best for his future wife and partner of 6 years, the memories leading up to this moment brought him joy and excitement. He nervously went through the wedding vows he wrote for Logan, words could now describe his love for her, even the thought of her smile filled his life with immense joy. 

The venue was something out of a fairytale. The beautiful Wind Mountain Ranch was surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and huddled next to the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge. The serene and spacious ranch was the perfect backdrop for an incredible day of love. The seating was set up and decorated with blue and white flowers to match the bride and groom. The arbor was set nicely by a calm pond, the mountain range a backdrop of majestic Pacific Northwest beauty. With the seats was one spot reserved for a special someone deeply missed, smiling happily in a golden framed photo.     

The ceremony began as the bride and groom party walked down the aisle, their friends and family smiling from ear to ear at being a part of this memorable day at this beautiful venue. The bride and groom stared lovingly into each other’s eyes as they read their vows. Reminiscing from their first introduction in college at NAU where they first fell in love with promises of continuing to love each other for who they are and who they will become together as one. The couple tied the knot (literally) and celebrated the start of their union with their first kiss as husband and wife.

As the sun started to set and the golden hour blanketed the venue, John and Logan found a moment to escape from the party and enjoy each other, walking along the dirt road of the property guided by the white picket fence smiling, laughing, stealing a kiss of two and sharing a drink as a new couple. Even with such an amazing day, nothing could take their eyes away from each other.

The celebration continued as they joined the rest of the guests at the reception. Loved ones were toasting praises to the newlyweds, Logan and John cut the wedding cake together, and shared their first dance together as Mr. and Mrs. Herrero shorty before the rest of the party joined in.

As the beautiful night came to a close, John and Logan were sent off in a wave of bubbles and applause for the future they would start together.

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